Saturday, February 13, 2010


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All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling

2/28/85 Dump Matsumoto vs. Chigusa Nagayo (Hair vs. Hair) - ****
8/22/85 Lioness Asuka vs. Jaguar Yokota - *****
2/26/87 Chigusa Nagayo vs. Lioness Asuka - ****1/2
9/14/87 Crush Gals vs. Jumping Bomb Angels - ****
11/14/90 Aja Kong vs. Bull Nakano (Cage) - ****3/4
5/26/91 Kyoko Inoue/Debbie Malenko vs. Mariko Yoshida/Esther Moreno - ***3/4
5/26/91 Toshiyo Yamada vs. Yumiko Hotta - ***
5/26/91 Aja Kong vs. Manami Toyota - ***1/4
5/26/91 Akira Hokuto/Sakie Hasegawa vs. Bull Nakano/Bat Yoshinaga (2/3 Falls) - ****

8/15/92 Manami Toyota vs. Toshiyo Yamada - ***** 
4/2/93 Akira Hokuto vs. Shinobu Kandori - *****
8/25/93 Akira Hokuto vs. Rumi Kazama - ****1/4
11/20/94 Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano - ***
11/20/94 Aja Kong vs. Manami Toyota - *****


Legion said...

Wouldn't know where to post this so decided to post here in Indies. ^^

Some months ago, when Evolve was created, I sweared to myself that would try not to forget to see the main event between Davey Richards and Kota Ibushi on Internet . Today, I've just remembered that for some reason, and google'd it.

Luckilly, found it at Dailymotion and, after seeing it, i've instantly thought that matches like those ARE IN FACT the reason that make me to see wrestling.

Best flying wrestler of the world in 2009 vs the (Indy) new best wrestler in the world + 20 minute main event indy + Gabe Sapolsky's promotion = GIANT match right there
(**** 1/2, at least)

Just thought that you would like to see it ^^

PS: Try to see TJP vs Suwa from Evolve 1 too, personally it's a kind of wrestling match different from almost everything i've seen before. A great pace and the clash of styles made that 10 minute match, one of my favourites (Don't personally like to rate the matches w/ snowflakes but would give this one **** stars, even w/ only 10 minutes)

xfearbefore said...

You know Legion, I've been following Evolve online thus far but I haven't seen any of their shows yet. I have enough wrestling to watch both new and old so I can't say I've paid attention to the indies like I used to. I also heard some mixed reception about how the matches are set up and what the rules are.

However, since you suggested it and I like Gabe and the talent he's assembled I've decided to watch their first two shows. Actually just finished downloading them. I've also got a bunch of new puro I'm going to watch/rate and of course we have Extreme Rules tomorrow night, so there should be a whole lot of new ratings beinga dded to the blog over the next twenty four hours.

Legion said...
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