Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 and TNA Turning Point 2012 Ratings

Yep, I'm finally back on the saddle of watching pro-wrasslin' on a more regular basis again, so I'm finally catching up. Slow but steady wins the race, right? Slowly catching up on WWE and taking chunks into the backlog of TNA PPVs I've missed. Stay tuned, I shall be back with a vengeance this fall (no, really, this time I will!)

WWE Extreme Rules 2013
Randy Orton vs. Big Show (Extreme Rules) - ***
John Cena vs. Ryback (Last Man Standing) - ***1/2
Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H (Cage) - ***1/4

TNA Turning Point 2012
Samoa Joe vs. Magnus (No DQ) - ***
Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels/Kazarian - ***
AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm - ***1/4
Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries (Ladder) - ***3/4

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wrestlemania 29 Ratings and future

Finally getting back into the swing of things, still lots of chaos in the coming weeks as I'm officially moving to Boston but I got around to seeing Wrestlemania finally last night and have the next few PPVs lined up, so I'll try to catch myself up atleast as far as ratings go for 2013 so far. Have some ratings.

Wrestlemania 29
The SHIELD vs. Randy Orton/Sheamus/Big Show - **1/2
Mark Henry vs. Ryback - **
Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler/Big E Langston - **1/4
Fandango vs. Chris Jericho - **3/4
Undertaker vs. CM Punk - ****
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred) - ***1/4
John Cena vs. The Rock - ***1/2

Probably going to be alot of neglect on the blog this early fall, atleast until I get enough free time to catch up on/watch the goings on in WWE, TNA, and maybe even ROH. But this winter I should have plenty of time to finally catch my breath and start doing reviews again.

Until next time, your humble scribe,
Colin Rinehart

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Strong

Well folks, I was planning on reviewing Wrestlemania 29 a few weeks back as my big huzzah and comeback to the world of writing reviews again. Then the Boston Marathon bombings happened. Thankfully none of my family or friends in the Boston area were hurt, but as you might imagine, it put a bit of a damper on anything entertainment-related. So all apologies folks but the Wrestlemania 29 Review won't be up for atleast another week or two (although I should finally have all the ratings done and updated for the show on the blog by later this week). Lots of things going on in my world right now that take precedence over my loyal duties as your trusted wrestling analyst and blogger unfortunately though, so for the time being, the blog is back on a kind of hiatus atleast until further notice, when I can sort things out, get in touch with certain loved ones, figure out plans, and all in all begin the healing process.

Thanks for understanding everybody. Be safe, be happy, and always fight for what's right. Until next time, signing out, X.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pre-Mania Update!

So the whole "this is going to be the banner year for the blog!" thing isn't really feasible at least until my living situation is fixated as I plan to move to Boston in the fall with my girlfriend/future fiance. I'll definitely do a Wrestlemania review for old times sake, but don't expect anything in the way of reviews for awhile, atleast until the summer. I will however still continue to DVR all of the WWE, TNA, and ROH programming and I promise to keep up to date with ratings for both TV shows and PPVs going forward. Here's a massive update of ratings of stuff I've watched in the last few weeks. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan, innit?

1/25/13 Alberto Del Rio/Kane/Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show/Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow (Elimination) - ***
1/27/13 Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show (Last Man Standing) - ***1/4
1/27/13 Royal Rumble Match - ***3/4
1/27/13 The Rock vs. CM Punk - ****1/4
1/28/13 Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro - ***
2/1/13 Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler - ***
2/4/13 CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho - ***1/2
2/6/13 Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes - ***1/4
2/11/13 Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho - ***1/2
2/13/13 Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler - ***3/4
2/17/13 Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show - ***
2/17/13 Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry (Elimination Chamber) - ****
2/17/13 John Cena/Sheamus/Ryback vs. Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns - ***1/4
2/17/13 The Rock vs. CM Punk - ***3/4
2/18/13 Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio - ***
2/18/13 Chris Jericho/Sheamus/Ryback vs. Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns - ***
2/25/13 John Cena vs. CM Punk - ****3/4
3/1/13 Alberto Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow - ***
3/2/13 Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel - ***
3/4/13 CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Big Show - ***
3/6/13 Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett - ***
3/6/13 Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro - ***
3/8/13 Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio - ***3/4
3/11/13 Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler - ***3/4 

Phew! Been a hell of a few months, hasn't it? I haven't been this happy with the WWE's product since I was a kid during the Attitude Era. Could a new neo-Attitude Era be on the cusp? Who knows! Until Wrestlemania-time, I'm your most humble wrestling journalist/reviewer/blogger/radical in arms signing off and saying good night and good luck!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's Alive!!!

No, not a reanimated corpse monster (though I've been called worse), rather, this blog still is! I know, some of you must be wondering where the hell I've been for the last 4 months or so. Long story short, lots of upheaval and personal changes going on in my life over this past fall/early winter and between a new girlfriend, work, and school I just simply haven't had the time for much wrestling reviewing. I do plan on returning to my monthly TNA PPV reviews for 411mania soon so stay on the look-out for that, and while I haven't kept up with the last few PPVs from the big two companies, I have been watching the TV shows diligently and rating matches accordingly, so there is SOME new content on here over the last few months. In the coming month I plan on catching up with all of the WWE, TNA, and hopefully even ROH PPVs (and iPPVs) so never fear wrestling fans, I am in fact still alive, and so is this blog. Also, if you're into comics or music (what young male isn't?) stay on the look-out for contributions to a local blog by the name of xx0011 by yours truly (mainly comics and music reviews).

Thanks to everyone who still gives hits to this humble little blog of mine, 2013 is going to be one of the biggest, best years this blog has seen since it's creation, that my friends, is a promise!