Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reviews Featured on 411mania

Greetings blog readers! Good news, after a few weeks of playing "email tag" with the editor in chief over at 411mania, I've finally had my account activated over there and have been given access to post my reviews in the wrestling section! This is a big step for me as 411 has been a go-to website for me for many years and a lot of the very best recappers and reviewers in the business do and have written for 411, great writers like JD Dunn, Scott Keith, Mike Campbell, Ryan Rozanski, Kevin Ford, and my fellow WrestleZone alumnus Thomas Hall among many others. This was a goal I wanted to set for myself when I began doing reviews in the first place, so I'm quite happy to have finally accomplished it. I'll still of course be posting all of my work here, as well as select reviews for Scott Keith's Blog of Doom (which is buzzing with activity after Wrestlemania, lots of great debate going on over there currently) but now I've got a new outlet that should bring in even more readers to my work, so things can only go up from here. Stay tuned over the next few days as I'll officially post my first review over at 411.

Thanks for reading as always and stay tuned for a slew of new reviews over the next few weeks, including both of this past weekend's ROH iPPVs as well as the Dragon Gate USA Mercury Rising iPPV among others.

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